Clearview – drive safely!

CDriving under extreme weather or during the night can be really risky. You barely see what’s in front of you, the lights won’t help much under heavy rain or fog and during the night you can easily miss important obstacles that are situated in front of you due to lack of proper light. Most of the accidents occur under this circumstances and if you drive in this conditions, you are putting yourself and the ones around you at great risk.

I discovered a product that is perfect for driving during the night or for the weather of Ireland. It comes as a pair of glasses and it goes by the name of Clearview! I heard only great things about it and its efficiency and I would like to share with you what this product can do, especially since Clearview has recently appeared in Ireland as well!

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Clearview – what it can do

Clearview are glasses that are designed in a such a way that it will improve your view during the night or during unfavorable weather conditions like heavy rain, fog or snow. They can be used by people who don’t wear normal glasses but also by those who do. If you normally wear glasses, you can use Clearview on top of them and this way you won’t affect your eyes.

The lenses are covered by a layer of protection against blue rays, which allows to filter and get rid of the intense blue light emitted by the headlights of other cars. This way, you will not be blinded anymore by the lights of opposite cars. Also, the glasses are polarized, meaning that you won’t see any sudden light movements that can distract  you and with the help of the transition lens technology feature your view will never be disturbed by any sudden bright lights or flashes.

Basically, no matter the outside conditions, Clearview will give you a stable, calm and clear view on what’s in front of you while driving. This is what we aim for as drivers in uncomfortable outside conditions and this is exactly what Clearview offers!

The glasses, beside the technology that they use, have other extra features :

  • Polarized glasses;
  • Anti-glare technology and photochromic lenses;
  • Adaptable to all types of normal glasses;
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to use;

As you can see, Clearview is designed to help you in all possible scenarios. If you wish to find more details about the product, you should pay a visit to the official page of the producers where you will see videos and more details on how Clearview works. And don’t forget, the product is now available in Ireland as well!

50% discount


What are customers saying

People are recommending this product on internet forums saying that it is a great investment and using Clearview you won’t risk having an accident due to low visibility. They say the glasses gives them the feeling that they are in control, that they can see everything around them and they feel very safe driving with the glasses. They also said that Clearview is very light and you won’t feel any discomfort if you wear them for too long. All of them were very pleased with the price as well and with the fact that they can be attached to normal glasses.

Clearview – a very low price for Ireland!

This product can be ordered only from the official page of the producers. If you pay a visit to the page you will notice that the product enjoys considerable discounts and all kinds of special packages. This way, the final price is much lower and you can enjoy the product without spending too much!

One of the disadvantages is that the stocks are getting empty very quick, probably because of the special offers so if you want to have them, you will have to act now and order them in order to get advantage of the special offers!

The producers decided to keep the same offers for Ireland as well, the newest country where this product appeared!

Clearview – other opinions

I think this product is a great help for drivers and it will make you be safer while driving under bad weather or during the night. What do you think? Did you used Clearview?

50% discount